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Website & SEO

Zero Waste ( serves as an online platform dedicated to showcasing zero waste products and providing lifestyle tips. To bring this concept to life, Whello has designed a user-friendly Zero Waste website, combining the functions of a blog and an online store seamlessly.

Within this digital store, a diverse range of Zero Waste products is available for purchase. The website features automatic shipping cost calculation and integrates a multi-channel payment gateway for added convenience. Whello has also focused on enhancing the website’s visibility through SEO optimization, carefully selecting relevant keywords and incorporating informative articles.

As a result, Zero Waste now offers an online store with a responsive design that simplifies the browsing experience for potential customers. Additionally, the website’s SEO-friendly structure ensures improved discoverability on popular search engines like Google.

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Kick Avenue

Performance Marketing (SEO & SEA)

Kick Avenue ( stands out as Indonesia’s top-tier online marketplace, specializing in sneakers, fashion, and luxury goods. To boost visitor numbers and conversions, Kick Avenue has partnered with Whello, tapping into our SEO and SEA expertise.

In the midst of a competitive landscape, our approach involves carefully cherry-picking keywords and crafting top-quality, engaging content. Notably, Kick Avenue has effectively addressed any concerns about online shopping credibility by assuring the authenticity of every product featured on Moreover, we’ve taken steps to enhance the overall user experience on the website, creating a positive domino effect on the SEO performance.

The result is crystal clear— now enjoys heightened prominence on Google, accompanied by a significant upswing in both website traffic and successful conversions.

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JAPO (Jakarta Powder)

Website & SEO

JAPO ( is a trusted supplier and wholesale provider of beverage powders, well-regarded by many in the beverage industry. With ambitions to become Indonesia’s leading beverage supplier, JAPO has partnered with Whello for digital marketing.

Whello has revamped JAPO’s digital presence, creating a professional, responsive website. Through targeted SEO, including relevant keywords and quality content, JAPO’s Google ranking has surged. Additionally, Google My Business optimization has boosted physical store visits.

The results are impressive: JAPO now showcases a website in line with SEO best practices, radiating professionalism. This has notably increased brand visibility and conversions. The JAPO-Whello partnership revived their online presence, paving the way for greater success by attracting more customers and enhancing brand visibility.

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Red & White

Website & SEO

Red & White (, established in 2014, is a prominent wine and spirits retailer, offering a diverse selection of local and international brands. With over 80 strategically placed stores across Indonesia, the company holds a strong presence in key cities.

Whello aimed to create a user-centric site for Red & White, streamlining nearby store searches. The platform lists outlets by location, offers real-time promos, and sleek design. This effort expands the customer base, boosts conversions, and maintains a strong Google presence.

Initially targeting “Red & White” keyword dominance, Whello secured top Google rankings. A 4-6 month plan aimed for page 1 rankings on competitive keywords. Ongoing organic optimization by SEO experts sustains the strong Google presence.

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Sylvia Paramitha

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Striving for higher standards

A top-notch result achieved by a collaborative effort

Our team of specialists, experienced in local market dynamics, utilizes professional tools and applies the Key Principles of Growth to achieve optimal results. This synergy of expertise, local insight, and strategic methodology empowers us to attain even higher standards.

Team up with Whello:

  • Experienced in the Indonesian digital marketing landscape.
  • Your own digital marketing strategist with local expertise.
  • Connect better and dominate your niche.

Whello offers companies the benefits of all digital marketing services under one roof. We believe in the synergy of all specialisms.

For example, our web developer achieves a better performing website through cooperation with our SEO specialist. And we get more out of campaigns because our copywriters and designers are also involved.

Our team is working step by step on the Key Principles of Growth:

  • Craft a unique brand story
  • Build an impactful website
  • Set up successful campaigns

We have in-house data specialists who then make all actions measurable. We are fully optimizing and sharing the learnings with you. During the strategy sessions we discuss all data insights. Together we always make the right choices on the way to growth.

Yes, our team possesses in-depth knowledge of local consumer behavior, cultural nuances, and market trends.

How our clients rate us:

4.9 / 5

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Hear from our satisfied clients:

Untuk lead tarik customer dari berbagai wilayah cukup baik, respon cepat jika ada kendala, dan pelayanan oke...
One of our Great Partner. Whello. Pelayanan bagus, sabar dan meng-edukasi pelanggan maupun calon pelanggan. Sukses selalu Whello and Team
Service nya whello ga usah ditanya sih. The best from any agency I have ever met. Bukan cuma kerjain apa yg kita request tp jg kasih wise advice dan malahan kita yg dapet insight. Happy to work with Whello. Jg saya ga malu utk recommend whello k yg lain.
Whello have played both a large and incredibly positive role in the success of our company’s online ventures. Unlike other experiences in the past, their presentation, communication and reliability, in addition to meeting crucial deadlines, has always exceeded our company’s expectations.
Kami menggunakan jasa website development dari Whello. Untuk setiap detail yang kami butuhkan dapat dipenuhi oleh tim Whello. Service yang diberikan sangat memuaskan. Koordinasi dilakukan dengan sangat baik hingga pekerjaan pengembangan website dapat diselesaikan sampai tuntas, bahkan melebihi ekspektasi kami. Terima kasih Whello.
Kami menggunakan jasa website development dan SEO. Sangat puas dengan jasa yang diberikan dari awal hingga akhir. Merasa ter-personalisasi dengan kebutuhan kami dan selalu menawarkan respon/tanggapan/solusi yang cepat. SEO kami jd nomor 1 berkat guide dari Whello!
Saya suka dengan pelayanannya yang ramah. Pak Argo dapat memberikan konsultasi tentang digital marketing dengan baik dan sangat mudah dimengerti. Saran konkrit yang di berikan bisa langsung di terapkan. Sehingga saya sangat merekomendasikan untuk kalian yang juga ingin sukses di dunia digital! Sukses terus whello!
Whello membantu perkembangan bisnis kami selama 12 bulan terakhir, berawal dari problem web kami hilang dari SERP google. Kemudian dalam 3 bulan, problem ini di atasi. semoga Whello makin sukses. GBU.

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